Who and Why

1. Why should you teach in China?

You might be one of those China experience pursuers if you are:

  • Fascinated by Chinese culture and language
  • A wanderluster crazily collecting new novel experiences
  • Fed up of with your current 9-5 and want to have a lifestyle change
  • Just fresh out of university and wondering what’s your next step. They all say that there are lots of opportunities in China.
  • Passionate about education and want to have a positive impact through teaching

10 Reasons You Should Go Teach in China.

2. What qualifications do you need? Do I need a Bachelor degree or TEFL?

To be qualified as an English teacher in China, you’ll need a bachelor degree and non-criminal check. English qualification TEFL is also needed when you apply for the visa, however, it can be obtained after your application, i.e., once you’ve confirmed a teaching contract.

The Package

3. What is the standard teaching salary?

The standard teaching salary will be around ¥10,000 – ¥18,000 depending on the teacher’s qualification and experiences. This is an above-the-average salary standard in China that can get you a comfortable living in most cities. For more details about how to save money while teaching in China, please read our teacher’s blog “Saving Money While Teaching in China”.

4. Will I get my accommodation allowances?

There are two situations: one is that free accommodation will be provided and you don’t need to worry about anything from sourcing the place to basic facilities; The other is that housing allowances (usually ¥2,000) will be provided, support in sourcing the place will be provided as well.

5. Will I get my flight reimbursement?

You will get your flight reimbursement (¥5,000 – ¥6,000) either after one-year contract or after your arrival in China depending on the school/institutions’ policies.

The Process

6 . Do I need a visa?

Yes, work visa z is needed in order to work as a full-time English teacher in China.

7. What is the application process?

To apply, please fill out our online application form, we will get in touch and arrange an interview with the qualified applicants within 3 days. If a contract is issued and signed, we will send the visa application guide and assist our candidate in obtaining a work visa to come to China.

8 . What is the visa application process?

Step 1: Send documents to your employer in China (school/institution/agency).

– Authenticated Degree Certificate (1 color copy to be notarized by a public notary, legalized by Secretary of State, and then authenticated by Chinese consulate/embassy);

– Notarized 120+hours TEFL certificate, color copy of original TEFL certificate, and 1 color copy to be notarized;

– Authenticated Criminal certificate: the original background check from the local police or FBI to be notarized/legalized and authenticated by Chinese consulate/embassy;

– Headshot photo with white background (used for application);

– Physical Examination Form (X-Ray and blood tests are not necessary)

Step 2: Once receiving your documents, your employer in China will start applying for your work permit.

The process will take around 10 – 28 working days depending on the provinces. The provincial visa office will issue an official invitation letter and/or work permit document, which your school will send to you electronically and/or hard copy to your home address via a courier such as DHL.

Step 3: Apply for work visa from your country’s Chinese embassy.

Take the official paperwork send to you by your employer school, along with your passport (valid for at least 6 months), completed visa application form and passport photo to your nearest Visa for China centre or Chinese Embassy/Consulate. In some countries the application can be made by mail and sent via recorded delivery.

The z visa is usually processed within 3 – 7 days depending on the service you opted for. Postal services can take up to 10 working days to process and return.


9. Do I receive any support while teaching in China?

Yes. You will be provided with airport pickup, accommodation placement, banking account setup, mobile phone/internet setup, social functions and much more!